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Frequently Asked Questions about applying for a grant from the Anna May Family Foundation:

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When are your application deadlines?
We currently have one annual deadline, February 15. The online application must be submitted by the deadline date. See the All About Grants page for more information.

May I call to discuss my project with you before I submit my application?
Yes. Please call us so we may assist you in determining if the Anna May Family Foundation best suits your needs.

What if my project does not fall within your specific targeted focus areas?
At this time, the Foundation only supports projects that do serve vulnerable people that meet our focus areas. We recommend that you research other grantmakers that may better match your specific needs.

What if my project operates outside of Jackson County?
Unfortunately, we are only funding projects that benefit the residents of Jackson County.

What if my organization resides outside of Jackson County, yet our project would benefit Jackson County residents?
You would be eligible to apply if a significant percentage of Jackson County residents are served by your project and if all other qualifying criteria listed in the guidelines are met.

Do you make multi-year grants?
At this time, the Foundation prefers to make grants on an annual basis.

If my organization has received a grant this year, are we eligible to apply for the next round of funding for a different project?
No, our policy is to fund only one grant from an organization per year.

If I applied a year ago for a grant, may I apply again this year?
You may apply again if it has been a year since your last grant award. Prior to funding the second year grant you will need to submit a completed Post-Grant Report for the previous year’s project showing grant expenditures and accomplishments.

How much money can I apply for?
We ask that you realistically determine your needs and where the Anna May Family Foundation grant may fit into the overall funding picture. Our Foundation prefers to participate with other donors, and encourages the applicant to seek support from other sources to share in the total project.
The Foundation much prefers to make smaller grants that will make a real impact on the project or for the sponsoring program.

If my organization does not have a 501(C)3, can it apply through another organization for its project?
We are unable to consider your request unless you have established your tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service or you have exemption as a governmental or other publicly funded entity. There are no exceptions.
The Foundation will not fund an organization without a 501(C)3 tax status designation who are using another non-profit organization as a fiscal or umbrella agent. If your organization is truly part of a collaborative partnership in a project with another organization that has been designated its 501(C)3 tax status, then the organization with the 501(C)3 may apply. That organization must in fact be administering the project and not providing the grant as a pass-through.

Should I send you videos and supplemental information with my grant application?
Please keep it simple. The Foundation receives many, many requests each grant round and is only able to review the information it asks for in the guidelines and application form. Please do not include additional information or send videos. Please follow the instructions on the online application.

What if I forget to include all of the information you ask?
Please carefully review your application. We are unable to process requests that are not complete according to our guidelines.

What if I miss your grant application deadline by just a day or two?
Your application would not be reviewed and we would suggest that you resubmit for the next cycle.

How long will the grant review process take?
Funding decisions are made at our May board meeting. Our Foundation is not able to accelerate a funding decision.

What attributes enhance a project’s ability to gain approval?
Projects that have

  • followed the guidelines
  • are within the priority areas for funding
  • are meeting an important identified community need
  • have also secured community support and other funding sources
  • have a solid track record of administrative capability and service to the community
  • have a sound plan for future financial stability

What if I have a question that is not listed here?
Please email our Foundation staff at and they will be happy to work with you.



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